Feminism is a mistake

“Feminism is a political mistake. Feminism is a mistake made by women’s intellect, a mistake which her instinct will recognize.“ (Valentine de Saint-Point)

Labeling yourself as a feminist* is a standard. It has become one of the unwritten rules of society. You have to be one, or you are medieval, sexist, crazy, plain stupid. The underlying premise which the protest is based upon says that there must be equality between men and women. But there is no physical equality. Argue against that? Very hard due to the obvious differences (and still, some try finding reasons). So if there is no physical equality, there still might be a chance of a psychological or mental equality in means of sameness, right? Well, no – because our psychological blueprint is formed by the physical, f.e. by a difference in quantity of hormones, a different energy.

There is a truth in the premise of the sheer possibility of equality: Some women appear very manly, because they have higher testosterone levels, have manly features, or their masculine energy is just dominant in contrary to their feminine traits. But this is an exception to the rule. The norm can only be norm because of alterations around that norm. And the rule is that women tend to have a dominant feminine energy and men have a dominant masculine energy. Men and women of course already are equal as long as equal is understood in the most important sense. They have to be because otherwise they couldn’t complement each other so perfectly. On soul-level, how could we be more equal? Masculine and feminine energies have the potential to combine most gracefully, even though they are completely polarized.

Think of different professions that are typically crowded with men. Which characteristics does a job as a lawyer require? For which traits do you look in a pilot? What about those of a manager?

– If you gather your answers now, you might find that these professions require typically masculine energy which shows in attributes such as non-emotional, decisive, tough-skinned, aggressive, competitive, strong, self-confident, active or hard.

I’m not saying that women can’t compete with men in these professions. But is it healthy for them to put so much of an emphasis on masculine traits? Should every women be encouraged to take these career paths just because feminists think that women have to compete with men? Or is competing with men making them more stressed out, because they can’t soar in their natural feminine qualities? Isn’t it even illogical to force women to adapt to a manly working environment?

A more distinct example is the military. The military was created by and for men – almost exclusively. Click here for a very informative video about problems of women in the military, where women also give their voice. Also you can do a little research here on infertility in women who attend the military.

Also, women can keep up with men in many professions because they can fulfill the tasks accurately once they emphasize their masculine energy more than their feminine energy. As long as the job doesn’t require extraordinarily physically hard tasks like the special unit in military, women usually can compete and in some professions generally be better accomplishing success than men. Some exceptional women have also been able to perform as well as men in tasks that specifically require typically male skills. But again: There are exceptions to the rule. As this article goes on, please keep in mind that I am well aware of all kinds of exceptions, and the reason we call it an exception is because there is an opposing general rule.

As feminists argue, nurture plays a big role in forming the stereotypical behavior and encouraging stereotypical behavior is bad and wrong. They encourage non-stereotypical behavior arguing that this would be more freeing and true. Again, there is truth in that: Of course we are imprinted by our upbringing and what our surroundings tell us about typical roles for the sexes. Nurture does have an effect on everyone: We either emphasize our male or our female energy – no matter which sex we embody. And: Yes, there is more to personalities than stereotypes. But stereotypes were never meant to describe the whole human being. They exist for the benefit of making it easier to codify something in the first place.

The human being is of course too complex for a stereotype. That’s why it is called a stereotype. One problem we have with stereotypes is that the media has perverted them and portrayed them in such a soulless and heartless way that we all began to hate this simple portrayal – simple in the meaning of just dumb. That is one reason why we don’t like stereotypes. We don’t really want to be one of those polished artificial and superficial super dumb men or women as media creates them, because we know we are much more than that. The media has degraded us, degraded our souls.

And then we made the mistake of not looking behind the scenes. It’s like with all the good stuff that happened in bad times. Or good symbols that have been perverted by wars. They are being hated nowadays. Not for the essence of what they are, but for the way they have been portrayed. The media is a really bad artist because it has always tried to manipulate people instead of serving them. What a disgrace for us human beings:  a violation of our souls. Masculinity and femininity have both been portrayed as dumb. Don’t be a macho, we say, don’t be a bitch, because we see those oversimplified images online and on advertisements and they insult our human complexity. So we want to stay as far from them as possible. But masculinity and femininity are very deep constructs! They are deep because they are so natural and wild and to be explored!

What is deeply rooted in our genes subconsciously rules us. Nonetheless the movement seems to deny that there is something such as feminine and masculine. Absurd! And as long as we ignore that, unconscious of our true wishes (leading to a philosophical Alan Watts podcast about our innermost dreams), we women and men are trained to ignore our nature. We are brainwashed into building up artificial behaviors instead of inside-listening to what we really want to do with our lives. Just ask young men and women between age 18 and 25 today what they want to do with their lives. Surely, their usual uneasiness and irritation about this question is a result of various circumstances nowadays, but heck, they are confused.

Could this have something to do with feminism? Could it be because they lack role models and nobody tells them to embrace their natural femininity or masculinity anymore but behave contrary to it?

– Do you personally think that women have become more manly and men have become more feminine?

The birth control pill makes women choose less manly men. If you think this further – generations ahead – there might be a worldwide mentality change because masculinity is not as politically popular anymore as it was in former times.

Click this link to a scientific report which points out that on a chemical level, exactly this could be true.

And then, women live out their fantasies in books like Fifty Shades of Grey. Theories are nice to discuss, but reality shows that women generally like and crave a smart, strong, non-abusive, loving male leadership while men like to lead. If, dear reader, you are a woman and can’t identify yourself with this personally, and you feel offended, this offense is pointless because you are unique and should just look into yourself more to be more self-confident with your preferences, and maybe stop reading this article. Or honestly ask yourself again if there is some truth to it.

The degradation of masculinity by feminism has been taken far. Only women are being portrayed as victims. But fact is: Both men and women can exploit and abuse on another, and history shows that they have different ways of doing so, but both are equally harmful.

Both men and women like balanced communication, but each sex has their unique approach to that as they have their own definition of ‚balance‘: Women generally – as long as you look at it objectively – try to establish a horizontal, harmonious communication, while men usually engage in a not less attentive communication dance of  figuring out their hierarchy with each other, which is a vertical form of communication.

Both women and men have their own ways of winning against members of the same sex. Imagine school boys fighting against each other, they literally tend to carry out fist fights whereas the girls, among each other, would mostly play psychological mind games to outrule each other. Both ways of competing in the realm of the own sex is equally horrible for the defeated one.

The urging cry for equality is misleading. The underlying premise says, there has to be equality. But there is none – neither physically nor mentally. And that is not even the point. The whole point of doing something can’t lie in righteousness.

As the quote above expresses, logical thinking could mislead us to conclude that we need equality because we don’t have it.

The question we have to ask ourselves instead, wholeheartedly, is if we would be more happy if we would become naturally equal (which is just impossible) or if we would artificially dissolve natural gender roles. We already can examine that because the social experiment has been going on for decades. Most likely, women feel more stressed out nowadays because it is expected from them to pursue a career and have children and be a good mother and have fun outside of the family. This may apply to men as well, although there’s always been a weight of the breadwinner and protecting responsibility on them. Plus, they suppress their natural energies as it is not acceptable anymore to just want being a housewife and men don’t dare to even get close to discovering their manliness because that is being frowned upon.

Feminism doesn’t ask for inner fulfillment. Otherwise it would respect everyone’s each unique way to that fulfillment. Traditional approaches are being demonized. So what is the whole point of feminism after women have gained exactly the same rights as men nowadays? Competing with men doesn’t make women truly happy. It strengthens their self-confidence. It feeds their pride, but it takes away an important depth of their satisfaction and their happiness. Some women cry over how they want to be like men although they have such unique abilities, beauty and grace inside. The measure for real quality of happiness has been replaced so fundamentally that it is even hard for women who want to dive into their natural femininity to connect with it. As a result, the same has happened for masculinity.

We don’t need equality but fulfillment. The differences between the sexes aren’t compatible with the ridiculous concept of unfair/fair, justice in equality. Is it unfair to women that they bleed every month and have cramps and are more likely to be less attractive as they age while men don’t have that and tend to be more attractive as they age? Is it unfair that men have to go to war and die for the women they protect and have to become mental robots in order to endure that soulpain? Is it unfair that they commit more suicide and are more likely to be killed, or that they are expected to be strong and manly all the time and carry a lot of responsibility? Is it unfair that they had to do the dirty work of building the whole infrastructure of the planet? Statistically, they did! Only a few women helped, the exceptions. Is it unfair that only women can feel what it is like to have a new life growing inside them and feel that incredible motherly bond to their child? Is it unfair that men technically could just walk away after making a baby?

Nature just created those differences in order to give us an amazing compatibility of each other if we fully engage with our innermost nature and complement each other with our unique talents and help each other out. We need each other. Men need women and women need men. Without each other, no babies, no new life. We need each other for each others individual and biological strength the other sex doesn’t have. Women have a different strength than men! And we always use it for our benefit. There is nothing bad in the essence of that. It is part of the natural order. We should admire the opposite sex instead of demonizing it. That goes for feminists as well as groups like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Our instincts keep reminding us that the feminist concept is only satisfying for a very small number of people. Feminism teaches us to hate the other sex, it teaches men to hate women and women to hate men. It teaches women to become the male version of themselves in a working world which underlies masculine mechanism. Therefore feminism is a disgrace for humankind – for men and for women. They want to make it a general social rule when at the same time its ideas oppose the general nature of humankind.

It is in a men’s best interest to take back the lead and rediscover their manliness and for women to dive deeper into their femininity. If you want to do this, dear reader, you will be no more bored of life. You can just relax, forget about what you heard from feminism and try to live your own authentic life. You won’t have to drown your boredom with replacement-satisfactions anymore. You will see the concept of yin and yang working its way into your consciousness, and suddenly, you open your eyes to an exciting, spirit-full, beautiful world. Dreams may just become reality.

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*This article refers to feminism in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, United Kingdom, United States of America.

This article was also published on http://www.samlernen.de/index.php/a-different-viewpoint-on-feminism.html in a more interactive version.


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